Drowning in Turkey, Already!

Somehow, we ended up with two enormous turkeys this year, and we’re not even cooking Thanksgiving dinner!  The first gobbler was one that I bought from a friend of mine who raised a bunch of turkeys herself on a small, urban lot in downtown Tucson.  When my friend told me about her project several months ago, I was so impressed that I pledged to buy one of her largest turkeys and plunked down several dollars in advance.  That turkey came home last week and we plopped it in the freezer.

The other turkey came from my husband’s work; they give one free turkey and one free ham to every employee every Thanksgiving.  I tried to convince Beto that we should donate the turkey to the food pantry, but that idea did not go over well.  Not that he doesn’t care about the poor — he’s just not convinced (at least on an emotional level)  that he’s still not one of them himself, even after all these years of being a successful professional!  So home came the ginormous turkey last Friday, along with the ham.

We cooked both turkeys over the weekend and have been eating turkey ever since.  Tonight I’m making Tortilla soup with bits of turkey meat — not Spain, but I promise that I’ll get back on track next week with food from the Balkans, including Greece.  Meantime, have a wonderful holiday and check in with me after the weekend!  (I promise, there will be no turkey in my recipes).

About tamisrenteria

Tamis Renteria, author and anthropologist, writes novels and short stories about people struggling with different religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions. She lives with her husband and youngest son in Tucson, Arizona where she types on a Mac, cooks ethnic food, and gardens among the sahuaros.
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